In 2020 we were hit with this pandemic and suddenly all the things we hold dear came into stark focus: life, health, love, relationships, work. And of course, we really want this unprecedented period to end. For all of us to make it out of this challenging period of history. Not just alive, but united and better. This does not depend only on the ability of those who lead the country and the commitment of the medical and scientific community. Each of us has a role to play, however big or small.
In this spirit, we thought of Amarsi un po’, a campaign that we already love and hope to see grow. To facilitate discussion about, and practice, freedom and rights, starting from those who defend and cultivate them.
But what does freedom have to do with the pandemic? Aren’t the limitations we face because of COVID-19 essentially exactly the opposite of freedom?
If we look closely at the faces of the protagonists of our campaign, we discover that there is no freedom without a strong and active assumption of responsibility, towards ourselves and others. Amarsi un po’ seeks to recognise and celebrate the ordinary courage, the tireless work and the praiseworthy example of women and men who do and have done their part for the common good. Through their energy and acts of generosity, they bring comfort, restore faith and show us a way out. This campaign is for them and for each of us. To ensure we come out alive, united and better. No one excluded.
AMARSI UN PO’ means to “love each other a little” – why only a “little”?
In naming this campaign we aimed to refer to keeping alive “just enough” love to live together, united. A little love which can be made up of small gestures, or large undertakings. A little which can mean a great effort for some and a normal, natural or instinctive dimension for others.
A little that also signals a necessary minimum condition of compassion – the lack of which, as the experience of COVID-19 has shown us even more clearly, is incompatible with the protection of the common good that is the foundation of rights and freedoms for all; the right to care, to respect for the dignity of the person, to education, to work, to the maintenance of decent living conditions, for example.
The “little” also seeks to speak to the objections of those who rightly challenge the adage “love sets everyone free.” Those who are wary of cookie-cutter positivity. Of goodness which conveys little meaning. With our campaign, we want to contrast this with a little bit of truth – stories of acts, gestures, concrete and daily work which are testaments to the “affection of doing” as well as the “effects of doing”, because the acts of our protagonists are real and powerful in their ability to concretely improve the lives of each of us. We believe, however, that the dimension of doing, of the project, of action, cannot be separated from the conversation on values, on the fundamentals of civil life. It is a matter of harmonising the two parts, without lapsing into empty rhetoric, creating a subtle balance between a bit of one and a bit of the other.
Campaign Lead: Giulio Frigieri
Video Editing and Graphic Design: Andrea Colombo
Filming and Drone: Francesco Alesi
Communications Team: Fabi Fugazza, Andrea Oleandri, Tommaso Fusco, Valentina Muglia
Photography: Francesco Alesi, Andrea Colombo, Marco Pavan, Zoe Vincenti
Web Development: Achilleas Galatsidas
Features: Paolo Riva (Areté), Christian Elia (Device4All)
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